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Information about the Korg M50

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Korg M50

Listen to the Korg M50 through these:

Yamaha StagePas 300 & 500, Roland SA-300 (a pair), Peavey KB-5

Recording tools for your Korg M50

Yamaha AW1600 hard disk-based multitrack recorder, Tascam DP 02

Korg D888 hard disk-based recording studio,

Alesis MultiMix 8USB mixer/audio interface

Korg M50 Description

The Korg M50 effectively replaces the relatively unloved Korg TR series (TR61/76/88), and incorporates much of the sound generating capabilities of the more expensive Korg M3.

A huge step forward in sound generation complexity over the TR series, the M50 is mind bogglingly good value with it's richer sounds and drum track. It's also easier to use with it's larger, more usable touchscreen interface, which makes the sequencer in particular a dramatically more useful proposition. Further, as well as being a standalone synth & 16 track sequencer, it can also be run as 16 plug-ins in your s/w DAW with little processing load on your PC/MAC. A real gem.

Available in 61, 73 & 88 key (weighted) keyboard formats, wrapped in a new, 'raised back panel' keyboard design.

The smallest of the 3 keyboards, the M50-61, wieghs just 15lb.

Korg info on the Korg M50

Korg M50 reviews

Sound On Sound review - Oct. 08

Korg M50 resources

Korg M50 quickstart guide

Korg M50 owners manual

Korg M50 parameter guide

Alternatives to the Korg M50


Yamaha XS8

Roland Fantom G8

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